What You’ll Hear In Biden’s Speech On Democracy Tonight

President Biden and his team have reportedly been planning to have the President deliver a speech on protecting democracy ahead of the midterms for some time. But the recent uptick in threats and political violence as we get closer to the election — including the very high profile attack on the husband of the woman second in the line of secession — expedited the urgency of the message.

During a 7:00 p.m. ET speech at Union Station hosted by the Democratic National Committee, Biden will speak on the importance of “preserving and protecting our democracy as Election Day approaches,” a Democratic official told CNN. Biden is expected to discuss the “threat of election deniers” — many of whom are running for elected office to … run elections this midterm season — and the dangerous repercussions the nation could face if distrust is allowed to be sown in our electoral systems, according to CNN.

Part of the reason Biden’s team may have chosen to have the DNC host the event may be Republicans’ over-the-top criticism of his speech in Philadelphia a few weeks back. Republicans, angered about his condemnation of “MAGA Republicans,” claimed the address was too political for a White House event.

Biden is reportedly planning to also address an issue that Donald Trump and his allies seized upon in 2020 — capitalizing on the vacuum of time between Election Night and when official results are known to question the legitimacy. Biden’s deputy chief of staff told Axios in a preview of the speech that the President will remind Americans that while it may take some time to count results, delays are not indicative of an issue with the system.

“That’s how democracy works, to make sure every vote is counted, so he’ll highlight that, as well,” Jen O’Malley Dillon said.

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