WhatsApp down and not connecting: Why do messages have one tick?

Reports of issues began to appear on Down Detector, a website for reporting outages at around 8am.

Why are WhatsApp messages not delivering?

According to the website, 92% of users reported problems with being able to send messages, with reports quickly rising to over 12,000 at time of writing.

Users flocked to social media to share their issues, with many tweets and memes flowing in.

One user wrote: “is WhatsApp down? my messages aren’t sending.”

While another said: “Anyone facing issues with WhatsApp?”

Another wrote: “I’m not the only one who opened twitter to check if WhatsApp was down then,” prompting many replies sharing issues with the app.

According to user reports, messages appear to not be delivering to recipients, with only one tick showing on the delivery report.

One tick means a message has sent, two ticks mean it has been delivered to the sender.

At the time of writing, WhatsApp has not confirmed any outages.


You can check the status of WhatsApp on the Down Detector website here.

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