Where Are They From? Sister Blandine Briere

People are searching for French traveller and blogger Benjamin Briere parents and information about his sister. 

Benjamin Brière is a French traveller and blogger who was arrested by Iranian authorities in May 2020 for flying a drone near the border with Turkmenistan.

He was charged with photography in a prohibited area, using a recreational drone in a natural park, and posting on social media questioning Iranian laws that mandate the hijab for women.

He was later charged with spying and propaganda, but charges of alcoholism and “corruption on earth” were dropped after investigation.

Brière was found guilty of “cooperation with states hostile to Iran” but was not informed of the charge. 

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Benjamin Briere Parents: Where Are They From?

Briere’s family is limited, but it is known that they have been actively seeking his release from detention in Iran.

They have contacted French authorities and human rights organizations, advocating for his repatriation to France.

In March 2022, his family released a statement calling for the French government to take more concrete action to secure his release, expressing concern about his deteriorating health and detention conditions.

 Brière's family were advocating for his release from Iranian custody since his arrest in May 2020.
Briere’s family advocated for his release from Iranian custody since his arrest in May 2020. (Image Source: The Times of Israel)

Benjamin Briere parents have also organized demonstrations and campaigns on social media to raise awareness about his situation and demand his release.

They are only focused on their child and have not publicly shared personal information about their life. 

As Brière is from Lyon, France, Benjamin Briere parents, and other family members are also from France.

Available information shows that Benjamin Brière is from Lyon, France, and there is no indication that his family has moved to another country from their birth country.

Meet Benjamin Briere Sister Blandine Briere

Briere, the sister of Benjamin Brière, expressed relief on May 12, 2023, after her brother was released from captivity in Iran, where he had been held since May 2020.

She said the news was a long-awaited outcome for her family, who had experienced a roller coaster of emotions throughout the ordeal.

Briere’s family is now focused on the aftermath and helping him recover after the harrowing experience.

Briere’s sister also thanked everyone involved in securing her brother’s release.

Benjamin Brière sister appeals to Macron over Iran detention.
Benjamin Brière’s sister appeals to Macron over Iran detention. (Image Source: Le Point)

Another hostage, Irish-Frenchman Bernard Phelan, was also released, and his sister requested privacy and time for him to recover.

Blandine Briere mentioned that her family had experienced a roller coaster of emotions throughout the ordeal, with many moments of hope and disappointment.

She also acknowledged that the past three years had been incredibly difficult for her brother and family. The family is now focused on the aftermath and helping Benjamin recover from his ordeal.

Blandine Briere noted that it had been three years since she had seen her brother, and she was unsure what to expect when reunited.

Benjamin Briere Relesed From Jail

Two French nationals, Benjamin Brière and Bernard Phelan, who were held in Iranian jails, have been released, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on May 12.

The two men left Iran on a plane chartered by France. Brière was arrested in 2020 and sentenced to eight years in prison for espionage, but he was acquitted of all charges by an appeals court.

Benjamin Brière and Bernard Phelan, have been released from Iranian jails
Benjamin Brière and Bernard Phelan have been released from Iranian jails. (Image Source: Le Peogrès)

Phelan, who also holds Irish citizenship, was arrested in October 2022 and never tried in Iran. He went on a hunger and thirst strike, after which his health deteriorated.

The release of Brière and Phelan is a relief, but five French nationals are still detained in Iran, according to the French President.

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