Where Is Eva Pilgrim Going After Leaving GMA? Salary Detials

Eva Pilgrim leaves Good Morning America for her new venture. Where is Eva Pilgrim going after leaving GMA?  

Famous ABC correspondent Eva Pilgrim was the show’s co-host on Good Morning America: Weekend Edition.

She has centered her life and work on the virtues of kindness.

Eva’s mother instilled in her the conviction that kindness was the most admirable quality from an early age, and she still lives by that philosophy today.

She acknowledges that without their help and support, she would not be in the situation she is in now and expresses her gratitude to everyone who has helped her get there.

Where Is Eva Pilgrim Going After Leaving GMA?

Eva was honored by her colleagues on the final day of the Weekend show GMA on Saturday, May 13.

Following her incident involving T.J. Holmes, Eva Pilgrim was named as Amy Robach’s replacement on GMA3.

She joins DeMarco Morgan and Dr. Jennifer Ashton on GMA3: What You Need To Know. 

Where Is Eva Pilgrim Going After Leaving GMA
Eva and DeMarco Morgan are replacing Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes alongside Dr. Jennifer Ashton on GMA3. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

In May 2023, Pilgrim posted on Instagram after learning that she and DeMarco Morgan would succeed Robach and Holmes, respectively. She wrote,

“I am appreciative. This was something that I could never have imagined as a young child growing up in South Carolina.”

She further added, “Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way—many of you are there. Adore you all.”

Four months after the network fired Robach and Holmes, ABC announced the new permanent coanchors of the morning chat show.

When they were often seen making out outside of the office in November 2022, the former co-stars first made the news.

Is Eva Pilgrim On Vacation?

No, Eva is not on vacation. In fact, she is joining DeMarco Morgan and Dr. Jennifer Ashton on GMA3: What You Need To Know. 

Following the news-grabbing departures of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes from GMA3 earlier this year, ABC formally announced that Eva and DeMarco Morgan would succeed them as hosts.

It was nearly four months after parting ways with T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. 

Where Is Eva Pilgrim Going After Leaving GMA
GMA bids farewell to beloved host Eva Pilgrim after five years. (Source: Hello Magzine)

During Thursday’s episode, Morgan and Pilgrim discussed their new positions with “GMA” veterans George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts.

The beloved host ROBIN Roberts was absent from Good Morning America on April 14, 2023, and Eva Pilgrim took over at the desk.

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Eva Pilgrim Net Worth And Salary: How Much Does The Host Make?

Since 2018, Eva has hosted popular morning weekend broadcasts. Her salary was roughly $61,829, and she has a net worth of $1 million.

However, adored host Eva was farewelled by Good Morning America in a heartfelt farewell on Saturday.

Eva was lauded by her co-star Whit Johnson after parts from her mom and husband, with a special appearance by her one-year-old daughter.

But his sweet words eventually caused Eva to let loose the tears as she exclaimed: “I told you not to make me cry!”

After her co-star, Whit Johnson’s praise, Eva was told how much he “looked up to her” and stated how much he “looked up to her.”

“We greatly admire you, and we know that you worked very hard to get here… Whit said, “We are so thrilled for you and so proud of you, and you get your weekends back!

We will follow the example you set for us. “You have worked incredibly hard,” co-anchor Janai Norman continued.

I recall seeing you on World News on this specific Saturday in Orlando while working as a reporter in 2016, and you were the target for so many people. This promotion is so thoroughly deserved.

Eva was taken aback when her mother presented her with a video message congratulating her daughter, saying, “I am so proud of you, girl, and now you are free to enjoy your family!”

Along with her, Ella Hartigan appeared with her husband Ed, interrupting him frequently to say “hi, mommy” to the camera.

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