Where Is Her Son Justin Carver Now?

The case involving Layni Carver, a 55-year-old woman found dead inside her residence, has gained significant attention, and here are the available details: Layni Carver became widely known on the internet after her bloated body was discovered inside her home on a Friday. The news of her death has attracted considerable media coverage. Additionally, her 35-year-old son, Justin Carver, has been arrested in connection with Layni’s death. Justin is currently being held in the Charlotte County Jail. Further investigations are ongoing, and more details about the case may emerge as the investigation progresses.

Layni Carver Autopsy

Layni Carver Autopsy Report

For the most up-to-date and accurate information on this case, it is advisable to refer to reliable news sources or official statements from law enforcement agencies. The autopsy report for Layni Carver is eagerly anticipated by many who are seeking answers about the circumstances surrounding her death. It appears that the investigation is still ongoing, and the manner of Layni Carver’s death may be updated when the autopsy report becomes available. Reportedly, when Layni’s remains were discovered in her Punta Gorda residence in May 2023, they were in an advanced state of decomposition, with signs such as marbled skin and skin slippage.

Layni Carver Autopsy report

The discovery of her body came after a concerned friend informed authorities that Layni’s phone had been going to voicemail for several days. Deputies from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office conducted a welfare check on her on a Friday, shortly before 5 p.m. They attempted to make contact with Layni by knocking on her door multiple times but received no response. Upon inspecting the property, they noticed a foul odor emanating from inside the house and observed many flies near one of the doors. Layni Carver’s body was found in the corner of a bedroom, between the bed and the wall. The Sheriff’s Office is currently awaiting the results of toxicology tests, which may provide insights into the cause of Layni’s death.

Her mysterious passing has raised numerous questions and concerns, with many seeking clarity on the circumstances. Furthermore, Layni’s son, identified as Justin Carver, was arrested and charged with failing to report his mother’s death to the medical examiner. This development occurred as Layni’s body was discovered in an advanced stage of decomposition on the bedroom floor.

When the police arrived at the scene, Justin did not immediately respond, and he was later found lying inside a bed. It was only when the officers began knocking on the window that he opened the door. After opening the door, Justin quickly shut it and sat on the top stair near the doorway, avoiding eye contact with the deputies. The deputies observed his unusual behavior and requested permission to enter the house. Justin attempted to hinder their entry by providing false information about the door being locked. Despite his attempts to prevent them from entering, the deputies proceeded to investigate the situation. As a result of the investigation, Layni’s son, Justin Carver, has been detained and is currently being held in the Charlotte County Jail. The circumstances surrounding his mother’s death and his actions on that day are part of the ongoing investigation.

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