Where Is Kevin Jeanes Going After Leaving WXYZ-TV

Meteorologist Kevin Jeanes has worked in the broadcast media for over a decade and with WXYZ-TV for over five decades. However, he is leaving the station on April 7, and people are now searching for “Where is Kevin Jeanes going?” 

Kevin Jeanes is a meteorologist who worked at WXYZ-TV, an ABC-affiliated television station in Detroit, Michigan. He joined WXYZ-TV in October 2015 and served as the station’s weekend morning meteorologist and weekday weather reporter.

Prior to joining WXYZ-TV, Jeanes worked at Kold News 13, and WWBT/NBC12 Raycom Media where he served as the station’s chief meteorologist.

He has also worked at television stations in Kansas and Texas and has received several awards for his work in meteorology, including an Emmy award for Best Weather Anchor.

Jeanes is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and during his time at WXYZ-TV, Kevin was known for his energetic and engaging on-air presence, as well as his ability to deliver accurate and timely weather forecasts.

He frequently interacted with viewers on social media and was widely regarded as a trusted source of weather information in the Detroit area.

However, it was announced that Kevin is leaving WXYZ-TV on April 7, 2023, and now people want to know what are his future plans. To know where is going now, keep reading the article till the end.

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Meteorologist: Where Is Kevin Jeanes Going After Leaving WXYZ-TV?

Kevin Jeanes has worked at WXYZ for over five years as a morning meteorologist. His last day working with the morning team will be on Friday, April 7.

He received well wishes from the morning producers, anchors, and WXYZ’s other meteorologist during the 6 a.m. show as he returned to his hometown.

After it was announced that Kevin will be leaving WXYZ-TV, people were curious to find out where is he going now.

Well, on March 2023, Jeanes posted on Facebook that he will soon be joining the WMAQ-TV NBC 5 news crew in Chicago.

Where Is Kevin Jeanes Going
Kevin Jeanes with the entire team of WXYZ-TV during his last day. (Source: Instagram)

The native of Naperville, Illinois, Jeanes, who described forecasting for his home TV market as a lifelong dream, also wrote that leaving metro Detroit with his family will be difficult.

“It is painful to leave the place that I’ve called my home for so many years, even though I’m immensely delighted to begin this new chapter,” he wrote.

In 2017, Jeanes started working as a morning meteorologist for Detroit’s ABC affiliate.

The 2010 Eastern Illinois University graduate worked as the chief meteorologist at KOLD-TV in Tucson, Arizona, before heading to Detroit. He also worked at WWBT-TV in Richmond, Virginia.

Who Is Kevin Jeans Partner?

Alongside sharing a successful professional career, Kevin Jeans shares an equally booming and thriving personal life.

The meteorologist shares a blissful marital life with his partner, Lisa and they have been together for several years. Recently on March 2023, the pair celebrated their fifth-year anniversary and it seems that they have a long way to go.

Where Is Kevin Jeanes Going
Kevin Jeanes is happily married to his wife, Lisa. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, it is unknown what Kevin Jeanes’ wife is involved is; nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that she is a supportive partner. Lisa has stayed with Kevin in all the phases of his life and she continues to do so.

All About Kevin Jeanes Kids

Alongside his partner, Lisa, the TV personality has welcomed a son and a daughter. Kevin is someone who embraces fatherhood and he has been fulfilling all his father’s duties quite well.

Overall, the family of four is leading a content life and we wish them good luck, light, and prosperity.

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