Where Is Victor Blackwell Going After Leaving CNN? New Job

Where Is Victor Blackwell Going After Leaving CNN? This question regarding Vitor has confused people. So, here’s the fact you should know.

Victor Blackwell is an American television news anchor famous for serving on CNN. He is the co-host of the weekend edition of CNN This Morning with Amara Walker on CNN.

Since 2003, Blackwell has been working actively in this field and has gained broad experience. Not only that, but he has been honored with some awards, including a Regional Emmy Award in 2009.

Meanwhile, Blackwell’s professional career kicked off as a reporter and fill-in anchor at WHAG-TV in Hagerstown, Maryland. He joined CNN in 2012 and has been working for them since then.

Where Is Victor Blackwell Going After Leaving CNN?

As said earlier, Victor Blackwell joined CNN in 2012 as a correspondent. On April 19, 2021, he started co-hosting a two-hour afternoon block of CNN Newsroom with Alisyn Camerota. 

The news of Victor leaving CNN came into the limelight when the station revealed the show changes. In January 2023, CNN revealed that Blackwell would anchor the 10 am ET hour on Saturdays.

Where Is Victor Blackwell Going After Leaving CNN
After getting a new role, Victor Blackwell shares a photo with a CNN co-anchor. ( Source: Instagram )

Not only that, but Blackwell will co-anchor CNN This Morning Weekend with Amara Walker out of Atlanta. He has already begun taking the new roles.

So, it becomes clear that Victor is not leaving CNN; his role has just been changed, leaving people thinking Victor is choosing a different career path.

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Victor Blackwell New Job After Leaving CNN

We’ve already mentioned that Victor Blackwell is not leaving CNN. Only his roles have been changed. He has already returned to hosting the network’s weekend morning show from Atlanta.

Victor Blackwell Frn
Victor Blackwell and Daniel Black snapped together in Atlanta, Georgia. ( Source: Instagram )

Blackwell was working with Alisyn Camerota in CNN Newsroom. So, Camerota is on the 10 pm program, a time she has been guest hosting with Laura Coates for months. 

The station said Coates would focus solely on anchoring the 11 pm hour. So, we can be clear that Blackwell is still on CNN, and he even said that his new role is a permanent assignment.

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Victor Blackwell Net Worth: Everything On His Career Earnings

Since 2003, Victor Blackwell has worked actively in this field and has served in multiple stations. His most notable work is at CNN.

So, online reports have claimed that Blackwell is estimated to have a massive net worth which is said to be in the six figures. However, the actual amount remains under review.

He is working as an anchor, and a report shows that a person working as an anchor on CNN is said to be $45,500 a year. Blackwell may earn above the average wage as he has worked at CNN for a decade.

victor blackwell
Victor Blackwell posts a photo from a moment of him living in New York on Christmas. ( Source: Instagram )

The Baltimore native lives a quality life, and he shows it via his Instagram page, where we can find him verified under the username @victorblackwell. 

Regarding his personal life, Blackwell is an openly gay who came out on December 21, 2013, in an on-air conversation with co-anchor Pamela Brown.

There have been no records of Blackwell having a partner, but online sources claim he has a godson, as he has also posted some snaps on Instagram. 

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