Where Is Waihiga Mwaura Going After Leaving Citizen TV?

Many people are wondering where Waihiga Mwaura is going after his departure from Citizen TV.

Waihiga Mwaura has had a successful journalism career spanning over a decade. He started his journey at Citizen TV as a sports anchor in 2009 and later transitioned to the main news bulletin in January 2017 as a news anchor. 

In October 2020, he was appointed the editor of the special projects desk before becoming the Managing Editor, Multimedia in December 2021. His versatility and ability to reinvent himself have been evident throughout his career.

Mwaura’s hard work and dedication have earned him various accolades and recognition. He received the BBC Komla Dumor Award in 2018 and the CNN MultiChoice Award in 2012.

Where Is Waihiga Mwaura Going After Leaving Citizen TV?

Mwaura will join the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as a presenter after leaving his role as Managing Editor, Multimedia at Citizen TV.

Waihiga leaving
This is a tweet from Citizen TV Kenya, thanking Waihiga Mwaura for his 14 years of service to the station. (Source: Twitter)

He has significantly contributed to journalism during his time at the media Company. He was best known for hosting News Night, a political news program on Citizen TV, which has garnered a wide following.

On Tuesday, Mwaura took to Twitter to announce his departure from Royal Media Services, sharing his plans to join the BBC News team, specifically as part of Focus on Africa. The Journalist did not provide many details about his new role but promised to share more soon.

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Mwaura’s departure from Royal Media Services surprises many of his followers, who are accustomed to seeing him on their screens. However, it presents a significant opportunity for him to expand his horizons and make a more extensive impact in journalism.

Waihiga Mwaura Is Joining BBC 

Waihiga Mwaura has accepted a new role as a presenter for the BBC’s Focus on Africa TV program. 

Waihiga leaving 1
The tweet praises Mwaura’s talent and his achievements as a respected journalist. (Source: Twitter)

He announced this news on his Twitter account, where he shared that he would be leaving his current position at Citizen TV Kenya. A BBC spokesperson confirmed the news, expressing excitement about adding Mwaura to the team.

The spokesperson added that Mwaura’s talents, engaging storytelling, and on-screen presence made him the ideal choice for the award-winning show. 

They also praised his dedication to reporting on important news stories for audiences across Africa, which aligns with the BBC’s mission to provide accurate and impartial news coverage to people worldwide.

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Mwaura’s appointment as the new presenter for Focus on Africa TV is significant as it marks the first time the program will be presented from Africa. This move aligns with the BBC’s commitment to investing in Africa and supporting local talent.

Waihiga Mwaura Career In Journalism

Waihiga Mwaura’s career in journalism began in 2008 when he landed an internship at Nation Media Group’s Business Desk.

After completing his internship, he briefly worked at a bank before joining Royal Media Services as a producer in 2009. At Royal Media Services, he was a presenter on several shows, including the Power Breakfast Show, Citizen Weekend, and the Zinduka Show.

He continued to excel in his career, and in 2015, he won the Mohammed Amin Africa Award, which recognizes excellence in African journalism.

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His numerous awards and recognition reflect his commitment to storytelling and journalism that aims to impact society positively.

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