Who Are Sergio And Jorge Ramalheiro? Cristiano Ronaldo Bodyguards Wikipedia And Age

Cristiano Ronaldo bodyguards are Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro. The Ramalheiro twins in the past protected politicians and judges, among other high-profile individuals. 

Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro are twin brothers who have served as bodyguards for Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned footballer.

They have combat experience from their service in an elite commando unit and are known for their efficiency and quick thinking in their security roles.

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Who Are Sergio And Jorge Ramalheiro? 

Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro are a pair of twins who have earned recognition as the personal bodyguards of international football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Their intriguing background and remarkable professional journey set them apart as unique protectors for one of the world’s most famous athletes.

Hailing from Portugal, Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro have always shared a strong bond as twins.

What makes them particularly fascinating is their extensive experience in the Portuguese military, specifically in an elite special forces unit.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bodyguards
Portuguese twins Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, with elite military service in Afghanistan. (Image Source: KOKO TV Nigeria)

These brothers served in Afghanistan during a critical period, lending their skills and commitment to the military’s demanding tasks.

Their time in the military equipped them with invaluable security and combat operations training, honing their abilities to handle high-pressure situations with precision.

After completing their service in the special forces, Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro transitioned into a different security realm by joining a national police unit in Portugal.

In this role, they were entrusted with the crucial responsibility of safeguarding politicians and judges, underscoring their reputation as reliable and skilled security professionals.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bodyguards Sergio And Jorge Ramalheiro Wikipedia And Age

Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, the bodyguards of Cristiano Ronaldo, are not widely recognized public figures with extensive biographical information readily available.

Consequently, there may not be detailed Wikipedia pages or official profiles for them.

Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro are identical twins from Portugal. While their exact birthdates and ages were not widely disclosed in public sources, they were reported to have been in their late 30s or early 40s as of 2023.

The twins gained widespread recognition when they were selected as the personal bodyguards for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bodyguards
Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s trusted twin bodyguards. (Image Source: The Sun)

Their appointment as Ronaldo’s security detail highlighted their trustworthiness and professionalism in the field of security.

The role of personal bodyguards for someone of Ronaldo’s stature requires physical capability and the ability to blend into various environments and react swiftly and effectively in critical situations.

The Ramalheiro twins are notable for their military background. They served in an elite special forces unit within the Portuguese military.

Their specific roles and experiences during their military service, especially during their deployment in Afghanistan, were not extensively documented in publicly available sources.

Following their military service, Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro transitioned into the field of private security.

They joined a national police unit in Portugal, where their responsibilities included providing security for politicians and judges.

This role likely provided them with valuable training and experience in the realm of close protection and security operations.

Since personal and security-related information about Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro is not readily available from public sources.

It’s advisable to respect their privacy and focus on their professional roles in ensuring the safety of Cristiano and his family.

While their detailed biographical information may not be publicly available, Sergio and Jorge’s professional journey from military service to police work and ultimately to protecting a global sports icon like Cristiano exemplifies their dedication, skills, and experience in the field of security.

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