Who Is Alex Talcott Wife Kristin Talcott? Kids And Family

Alex Talcott wife is left devastated and shattered, following his tragic death on 28 August. Find out all the known details about the late lawyer’s marriage.

Alex Talcott was a respected  New Hampshire lawyer and Republican activist stabbed to death in his house on Monday.

The Republican activist’s death has been ruled a homicide. However, the authority has not arrested any suspect as of this writing.

The 41-year-old was stabbed in the neck and found under mysterious circumstances. The investigation is going on, and police are trying to find answers.

Meanwhile, many people are interested in learning about his late lawyer’s life, particularly his marital life.

Alex Talcott was a married man with three young kids. Let’s explore more details about the couple below.

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Who Is Kristin Talcott, Alex Talcott Wife? Meet Their Kids

Kristin Talcott is the wife of Alex Talcott, a lawyer and Republican activist who was killed tragically in his house.

Alex and Kristin married for several years and led a happy family.

Alex Talcott wife
The New Hampshire lawyer and professor Alex Talcott was a family man with a loving wife and three adorable children. (Image Source: People)

As reported by NH Journal, Alex Talcott and Kristin Talcott are graduates of Dartmouth College.

It appears the college was the place that nurtured their academic growth and served as the backdrop of their love story.

Moreover, the Talcott pair welcomed three kids during their shared journey as a married couple.

The picture-perfect family resided in the picturesque town of Durham, New Hampshire.

With its serene landscapes and close-knit community, Durham was the perfect place for the couple to raise their family. New Hampshire was a home of love and light for Alex and Kristin.

However, it is now a place of darkness and blight for Alex Talcott wife and family.

Kristin Talcott lost the love and the light of her life in the city. The tragedy took away her joy, peace, and love and left her with pain, despair, and grief.

The city has now become where the Talcott family’s world fell apart.

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Alex Talcott Family: Meet His Parents And Siblings

Alex Talcott’s family is left with unbearable pain following his tragic demise. The heartbroken family are yet to come to term with the loss.

Alex Talcott was born into a family of intellect and passion. His parents, David and Susan Talcott, are both successful professionals.

Alex Talcott wife
The late lawyer, Alex Talcott, shared a solid bond with his parents and siblings. (Image Source: MSN)

As reported by Unclose News, his father is a retired engineer, and his mother is a retired teacher. Alex had two siblings, Andrew and Sarah, his best friends.

Although there is not much information about his family relationship, there is no doubt that they shared a close-knit bond.

Furthermore, Alex Talcott’s family was his pride and joy. He worked hard as a lawyer but always made time for his family.

He was a devoted husband, a caring father, and a loyal friend. His family was his everything, and he was theirs.

They were happy until that fateful day when everything changed when a stranger entered their home and stabbed Alex.

Let’s hope Alex’s family will find the strength to deal with this challenging time. 

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