Who Is Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi? Peter Obi Son Wikipedia And Age

Peter Obi’s only son, Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi, is a talented and versatile individual who has already achieved a great deal in his young life.

Former governor of Anambra, Peter Gregory Obi, is a politician and businessman from Nigeria.

Obi joined politics in 2006 and won the gubernatorial election in Anambra State. 

He had a big impact on the state’s growth throughout his time there, especially in the areas of infrastructure, healthcare, education, and economic growth.

In 2006, Obi ventured into politics and emerged as the winner of the gubernatorial election in Anambra State. 

As the governor, he played a significant role in the development of the state by initiating projects and policies that enhanced education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic growth.

Peter Obi Son: Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi Wikipedia

Many people are curious to learn about Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi’s Wikipedia details to gain more information about his achievements and career path.

Peter Son
According to a Facebook post by Tokunbo AremoOdua, Oseloka Peter Gregory Obi Jnr is an actor, movie producer, and businessman, just like his father. (Source: Facebook)

Peter Obi’s son, Oseloka Gregory Obi, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Bristol University. 

Despite his Father’s wealth and connections, Oseloka is active and actively engages in various activities. He is multi-talented in business and is recognized as a Hollywood Actor, having starred in popular movies such as ‘His Assistance’ and ‘Avenue 5’.

Oseloka’s achievements are all the more impressive, given the advantages he could have potentially enjoyed due to his Father’s status. However, he has chosen his own path and proven himself to be highly capable and versatile.

Oseloka Gregory Obi is a young man with a bright future ahead of him. Gregory has already achieved a great deal in his young life and will make even greater contributions to his community and country in the coming years.

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Likely, his upbringing and exposure to his Father’s successful career in politics and business have instilled in him a sense of ambition and drive.

Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi Age: How Old Is He?

Unfortunately, the exact age of Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi is not publicly available at this time. 

However, it is known that Obi was born and raised in Nigeria and that he comes from a family with a strong focus on education and diligence.

His Father, Peter Obi, is a well-known educationist, which may have influenced Greg’s interest in education. 

Even though the age of Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi is not publicly disclosed, it is safe to assume that he is a young and dynamic individual. 

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Being a recent graduate from Bristol University, it can be estimated that he is in his mid to late twenties. However, this is purely speculation, and there is no official confirmation about his age. 

Peter Obi Wife: Meet Gregory Peter Oseloka Obi’s Mother

Peter Obi’s wife, Margaret Obi née Brownson Usern, is a Nigerian businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

Margaret Obi
A picture of Peter Obi’s wife, Margaret Obi. (Source: 9jadaily.com)

Peter and Margaret got married in 1992 and have been blessed with two children.

Margaret Obi is a well-known philanthropist and advocate for human rights. During her time as the First Lady of Anambra State, she established various organizations and programs aimed at empowering women in the state. 

Margaret is also the founder of the family court at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development (MWAPD) in Anambra State.

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Peter Obi and his wife Margaret have been happily married for over three decades, and they are both successful individuals in their respective careers.

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