Who Is Jeramy Cook? YouTuber Tanner Cook Father- Family Tree

Tanner Cook father, Jeramy Cook, said his son was making a prank video for his YouTube page when he was shot. Let’s get to know more about the YouTuber’s family.

Tanner Cook is a famous YouTuber from the United States of America who is widely known for making prank videos on his YouTube channel named Classified Goons.

Classified Goons have been active since May 18, 2022, and have gained more than 45.3k subscribers. From the channel, Cook usually goes to various locations and makes different prank videos that have accumulated decent views.

At the time of this post, their videos have already amassed nearly 2 million views. Furthermore, Cook is in the spotlight as he was just shot while performing a prank on Sunday.

Who Is YouTuber Tanner Cook Father Jeramy Cook?

Jeramy Cook is the father of rising YouTuber Tanner Cook, famous for making various hilarious prank videos on the Classified Goons YouTube channel.

Cook is recovering from his recent injury, which he suffered while performing a prank. He was shot by a man named Alan Colie in the abdomen. Cook was playing a prank, and Colie got fed up and shot him in the abdomen.

tanner cook father
Tanner Cook’s father Jeramy Cook, talked about the shooting incident with WUSA. (Source: Daily Mail)

Following that, he was taken to the hospital. Later, Cook’s father, Jeramy, talked about the incident and said his son was making a prank video for his YouTube account.

Jeramy went on to reveal that his son was doing a Google Translate prank, due to which Colie got mad and shot Tanner. After that, Jeramy also said to forgive the man who shot his son. In the end, Cook’s dad said Tanner is recovering and will make a full recovery.

After that, Tanner will take a break from YouTube. So, we can say that Tanner may spend quality time with his family members.

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YouTuber Tanner Cook Family Details

Tanner Cook was born in the United States of America to his parents. His father is Jeramy, while the name of his mother remains unknown as the YouTuber has not given many details about his personal life.

Likewise, Tanner may have siblings, but their details are unavailable in the tabloids. Further, the Cook family is worried as Tanner was just shot. Meanwhile, they hope that their son will make a full recovery soon.

YouTuber Tanner Cook
YouTuber Tanner Cook posted a photo on Instagram from Las Vegas Strip. (Source: Instagram)

Cook’s father, Jermay, said the entire incident was shocking and unnecessary. As mentioned earlier, Tanner will spend his time with his family after a full recovery and also take a break from YouTube.

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Where Is Tanner Cook Now?

Tanner Cook was shot in his abdomen when he was trying to film a prank video at a mall in Dulles, Virginia, last weekend. The alleged shooter Colie got fed up and shot Tanner in the abdomen with a semi-automatic pistol.

Following that, Cook spent the rest of the Sunday in the intensive care Unit (ICU). Due to the shooting, he had to be treated for a bullet wound that reportedly pierced essential organs.

tanner cook shot
Tanner Cook says he will continue his journey after making a full recovery. (Source: WUSA9)

Tanner also talked with WUSA from the hospital bed and said he does not have ill will towards the shooter. He said he would make more videos after making a full recovery.

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