Who Is Nicola Heywood Thomas Husband Grahame Lloyd? Kids And Family

Nicola Heywood Thomas’s husband, Grahame Lloyd, is also a fellow Journalist, and they had a happy family life with their three children.

Nicola Heywood Thomas was a renowned Journalist and newsreader who made a name for herself in the broadcasting industry. 

She has worked for both BBC and ITV, and her professionalism and engaging personality have won her many fans across the UK. 

However, her personal life has recently been in the spotlight following major developments that have worried her fans. 

Nicola Heywood Thomas Husband: Who Is Grahame Lloyd?

Nicola Heywood Thomas was a well-known Welsh Journalist and broadcaster married to fellow Journalist Grahame Lloyd. 

They both had successful careers in journalism and were respected figures in the industry.

Nicola death
ITV Cymru Wales mourns the loss of broadcaster Nicola Heywood-Thomas, who was one of their most iconic faces. (Source: Twitter)

Grahame Lloyd is a Journalist and broadcaster who has worked for the BBC and ITV. He has worked as a news reporter, presenter, and editor for various news outlets in the UK. He is known for his work in investigative journalism, having worked on high-profile investigations.

Nicola Heywood Thomas and Grahame Lloyd were married and had three children together. They were known to be a private couple and did not often discuss their personal lives in the media.

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Despite the demands of their careers, Nicola and Grahame prioritized their family, and their children are growing up to be successful individuals in their own right.

Nicola Heywood Thomas Kids And Family Details

Nicola Heywood Thomas had three children – Tom, Beca, and Alys. 

Her family was always a significant part of her life, and she often spoke about them publicly. Nicola and her husband, Grahame Lloyd, had a happy family life around their children.

Nicola has shared in interviews that her family is very important to her, and she strives to balance her professional and personal life. 

She has also talked about the challenges of being a working mother and how she learned to prioritize her family despite the demands of her career.

Despite the tragic loss, Grahame Lloyd and their children continue to honor Nicola Heywood Thomas’s legacy by carrying on with their successful careers in journalism. They are a testament to her impact and influence in the industry and her lasting memory.

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Heywood Thomas was a devoted mother who cherished her family and credited her upbringing with shaping her values and career success. 

What Happened To Nicola Heywood Thomas? 

Welsh broadcaster Nicola Heywood-Thomas passed away following an illness.

Nicola 1
The author, Tom Selway, is sharing his personal connection with Heywood Thomas and describes her as the “face” of HTV Wales Tonight. (Source: Twitter)

The 67-year-old Cardiff resident and Radio Wales Arts Show host started her work at BBC Wales as a news researcher right out of college.

She was a reporter, presenter, and sub-editor for Wales Today, but she is probably best remembered for 18 years as HTV’s lead newscaster.

Rhian Roberts Hitt, the editor of BBC Radio Wales, described Heywood Thomas as the voice of arts coverage in Wales for over 25 years and a respected and admired Journalist. 

According to Hitt, Nicola had a unique ability to bring both a Journalist’s insight and an art fan’s passion to her work. She was also fascinated by performers and artists and always sought imaginative ways to communicate their stories. 

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The statement is a tribute to Heywood Thomas’s contribution to journalism and her love for the arts.

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