Who Is Nikole Mitchell Husband John Mitchell? Family Tree

Model, stripper, and reality television star Nikole Mitchell husband has been a constant support of her through the beginning of her career. 

The model rose to prominence after confessing herself in a video posted on numerous social media sites. She told the world she was leaving her religious career and embarking on a better beginning as an exotic model.

Many Instagram users have been drawn to her daring photographs. Through her narrative, she affected many people and inspired them to understand that pursuing your dreams is never too late.

She gained immediate fame once she began sharing her modeling photographs on the web forums OnlyFans. The model enjoys talking about her transition from shepherd to stripper and gained popularity as well as success after following her heart and leaving the religion.

Who Is Nikole Mitchell Husband John Mitchell

Nikole Mitchell husband is John Mitchell, a teacher who worked at the same school as she did. They began dating in school, eating lunch together, seeing each other during breaks, and exchanging Valentine’s cards through the school office

The couple was deeply in love with the other so, decided to be married and have three children together. Nikole Mitchell husband then worked full-time as a teacher, and she quit her job to become a full-time mother.

Nikole Mitchell Husband
Nikole Mitchell husband and her three kids are with her capturing a family moment (Source: Instagram)

She came to grips with the reality that she is bisexual after 7 years of happily married life, and Nikole Mitchell husband was the first person to whom she admitted this huge truth. John is a kind spouse who has always been there for her.

The 39 year-old model divorced her husband in June 2019 without stating the cause for the separation. Nonetheless, the American model still refers to him as a “beautiful soul” in interviews and videos and maintains a positive relationship with him.

She has moved to southern California Los Angeles with her three kids for the betterment of her career. Despite being an exotic dancer, she seems to be apparent about her profession to the kids as well as to her now ex-husbands.

Let Us Take A Look At Nikole Mitchell Family

Nikole Mitchell was born in the United States of America in 1984 into a devout and baptized family. She was reared to be quiet and reserved and was raised in a home where women were expected to take care of their household chores rather than rise to positions of leadership.

She has not divulged much about her siblings or parents on the internet since they do not enjoy the thought of other people intruding on their lives.

Nikole Mitchell Husband
Nikole Mitchell In Dr. Phill’s show doing an interview (Source: Instagram)

But we do know that Nikole comes from a traditional white American family and that everyone in her family is very devoutly Christian. 

She graduated with honors from a public school after completing her education, and she afterward pursued her graduation from Elite College, a renowned university in Venezuela.

Then she came out as bisexual and left the church to pursue her ambitions of being a stripper in Ohio, USA.

Know About Nikole Mitchell Net Worth

As of 2023, Nikole Mitchell who was raised in a conservative Baptist home where she was expected to be peaceful, pleasant, and timid has amassed a whopping $4 million being a stripper.

After leaving her home to become an exotic dancer, she reasoned that it was time to change careers so she could continue to be herself while having the ability to be more sensual, irreverent, and adventurous.

Nikole Mitchell Husband
Nikole Mitchell in one of her photoshoots (Source: Instagram)

The mother of three has been able to make approximately $500,000 a month from showcasing her assets and generating revenue from her material online, so it appears to have paid off. And, she has also used screenshots of her significant OnlyFans profits to inspire her fans.

She offers life coaching and teaching sessions in addition to modeling, and she now earns more in a month than she did at her previous work as a teacher in a year.

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