Who Is Noel Deyzel Wife? Gay Rumors- Gender And Sexuality

Concerning Noel Deyzel wife, he is not married yet. Many people have assumed and rumored him to be gay as he has kept his relationship status secret.

Likewise, Deyzel is a multi-talented person with skills including fitness expert, bodybuilder, IFBB pro, businessman, and blogger.

His proficiency in this field has made him grow, and many people ask for tips to maintain their body structure. 

Initially, he gained fame through social media sites when he started sharing entertaining, knowledgeable videos and fitness clips that people widely liked.

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Who Is Noel Deyzel Wife? Gender And Sexuality

As Noel Deyzel has been somewhat favorite amongst audiences for his knowledgeable and even kind videos, many people want to know him personally and wonder if he has a wife.

Being associated with him through social media sites, many people search for his romantic relationship hint through feeds, but nothing can be seen as such. Even in his videos, he has not acknowledged being a married man. 

Since his concerned fan has their question unanswered, many people have started thinking and eventually rumoring if his sexual orientation is different as he has not been seen with any mystery girl yet.

Noel Deyzel Wife
Noel Deyzel is a tall bodybuilder with great genetics from South Africa; he has become a skinny teen, the face of Fitness (Source- YouTube)

As Deyzel works hard relating to his field and amazes his audience with good content, he must focus on his career rather than finding a sweetheart.

He has not answered anything about his sexuality, so unless he clarifies and gives a statement highlighting it, one can assume nothing, and he may highlight this topic soon.

On the contrary, many of his close ones believe he was in a relationship with Lauren Sartor in 2010 and parted ways in 2013. It is said that they fell in love after meeting in the Stoneridge shopping center.

Who Are BodyBuilder Noel Deyzel Family?

Bodybuilder Noel Deyzel has a mother and sister who make up his family. In one of the clips, he mentioned growing up without his Father but did not clarify his whereabouts.

His mother’s name is Colleen Warwick; she raised the family as a single mother. His sisters are Chantel Deyzel and Tanzel Deyzel. He shares close relationships with them.

Noel Deyzel
One can gain teenage bodybuilding advice from Noel Deyzel (Source- Central Training)

Chantel, who goes by the Chantel Rose, is already married; however, Tanzel is not officially married but is in a relationship with Miguel De Oliveira.

They are south African by nationality and follow the Christian religion with mixed ethnicity.

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Noel Deyzel Career And Whereabouts

Noel Deyzel started his career more than a decade ago as he was interested in fitness and gradually developed as a bodybuilder. 

Since he started his journey to build his body at age 21, Noel began sharing his experience and giving tips through his Youtube channel in 2018. 

Many people struggling with such issues started gradually seeing his video, and now he has millions of followers. He has gained interest and expertise in this field and opened his bodybuilding academy.

Moreover, he is also the co-owner of Ryse Supplements. He has been training different celebrities, so he is widely recognized. People can search for him on Instagram under noeldeyzel_bodybuilder.

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