Who Is Salim Örge, Gizem Örge Baba? Mother Inayet Örge

Gizem Örge recently won the European Championship and at the end, she gave an emotional speech thanking her dad. So, who is Gizem Örge baba?

Born on April 26, 1993, Gizem Örge is a female volleyball player from Turkey currently playing in the Turkish Women’s Volleyball League for Fenerbahçe as a libero.

Gizem’s journey in the world of sports began right in her hometown, Ankara, where she started by getting her sports license and joining the girls’ team of Ankara Eczacı Spor, which became the runner-up in the Turkish Championship.

In the 2013–14 season, she became part of the Vakıfbank team, and since then she has achieved numerous successes.

Gizem Örge was a valuable member of the Turkey women’s national volleyball team that secured victory in the 2014 Women’s European Volleyball League.

Additionally, her recent international accomplishments include winning gold at the 2023 Nations League and the 2023 European Championship, not to mention the numerous winnings she has gotten with her clubs on a national level.

After showing her incredible skills in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League, she has rightfully earned the “Best Libero..”

These achievements have interested many people in Gizem Örge baba or her father.

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Who Is Salim Örge, Gizem Örge Baba?

In a recent intense final match between Gizem Örge’s national team Turkey vs Serbia, they beat their opponent with a score of 3-2 becoming the 2023 Women’s Volleyball European champions. 

After the win, Gizem couldn’t hold back her tears and gave an emotional winning speech thanking her family and especially her father. Her speech roughly translates to:

I thank my family. I thank my father. Whenever this team was successful, my father cried and said, ‘Daughter, you will be there one day too.’ Dad, I’m here, dad! I’m here while making history! I’m sure the whole of Turkey is crying like us.

So, who is Gizem Örge baba?

Gizem Örge Baba
Gizem Örge Baba Salim Örge and her whole family (Source: Instagram)

In one of the Instagram posts, Gizem shared a family picture celebrating an early birthday due to curfew.

There she tagged an elderly looking man Salim Örge, who is assumed to be her father.

Considering that he has the same family name and looks older than others, this assumption is likely true that Salim Örge is the Gizem Örge baba.

However, he has 0 posts on his Instagram, so he is likely not interested in maintaining any online presence, which is common for people his age.

But there’s no other information on him.

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Gizem Örge Mother Inayet Örge And Family

In the same family picture, Gizem Örge has tagged an elderly woman Inayet Örge next to her father, so she is likely her mother.

Unlike her father, her mother Inayet Örge seems somewhat interested in social media as she has posted 7 posts on her Instagram account.

However, her account is private, so there’s no way to see what she posts.

Gizem Örge
Gizem Örge brother Ahmet Hakan Örge with his wife and two children (Source: Instagram)

Apart from her father and mother, it seems like Gizem Örge also has a brother named Ahmet Hakan Örge who is married to Vesile Örge.

The couple has given birth to two children who are close with everyone in the family.

Ahmet Hakan is a theatrical actor and has gained quite a bit of success in his home country Turkey, and recently he played the final game of their Art Season on Sunday, May 7.

From the looks of it, he is affiliated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters Directorate.

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