Who Is The Suspect In Tamil Composer’s Daughter Death?

In a recent turn of disturbing events, Tamil composer-actor Vijay Antony of Raththam fame lost his daughter, Meera, 16, as the teenage child hanged herself to death in their Alwarpet residence. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Vijay Antony daughter died

Vijay Antony’s Daughter Found Dead

Reportedly, in a sad and shocking turn of events, Tamil composer, actor, and producer, Vijay Antony’s daughter, Meera died by suicide at just the age of 16. Reportedly, the tragic incident took place on September 19 and reports suggest that Meera was rushed to a private hospital after she was found hanging in her bedroom. Unfortunately, the doctors at the Chennai hospital examined her and declared her dead on arrival. Seemingly, she was under some mental health and was undergoing treatment for the same for some time.

Vijay Antony daughter died

As mentioned earlier, the music composer’s daughter died due to self-destruction, Antony was busy with his projects, and his upcoming movie is Raththam. Moreover, recently he just did a concert in Chennai which was a huge hit with the masses. However, there are no official reports regarding his suffering from clinical depression.

Reportedly, the house help found her hanging in the bedroom and Vijay Antony worked as a music composer for years in the Tamil film industry and later became a producer and actor. Throughout his life, he has also been a lyricist, editor, audio engineer, and director. Moreover, he has been married to Fathima Vijay Antony who also manages their own production house. Currently, Vijay Antony’s fans and the rest of the Tamil film industry are in shock and it was confirmed that his daughter, Meera was going to appear for her 12th board this year. In addition, people are wondering what went wrong with the young girl, and certain aspects are still not clear. Recently, after his daughter’s demise, Vijay Antony has spoken recently on how teens are pressurized nowadays and how parents should give that space to kids.

However, he added to his statement and continued that children at a young age, need understanding and fans are saying it is unfortunate that despite having this mentality, such tragedy took place in his family. However, we extend our condolences and prayers to the family in this moment of grief.

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