Who Is Vanessa Palo, Rich Lowry Wife? Kids And Family

Rich Lowry wife name is Vanessa Palo who has always stood by her husband and supported him through the ups and downs in his career.

Richard Lowry is the former editor and current editor-in-chief of the American conservative news and commentary publication National Review from the United States.

In 1997, the writer was appointed editor of National Review by the publication’s founder, William F. Buckley Jr. Lowry who is a regular guest on NBC News and Meet the Press as well as a syndicated writer, author, and political pundit.

Netizens have grown their interest in Rich Lowry wife and his family details as he wrote an article regarding Joe Biden preparing for the next basement campaign.

Furthermore, the author stated that another underground campaign is ready to start under the basement presidency.

As no one especially views Biden as in control or as having anything worthwhile to say, it turns out that his political talent is in not inciting strong negative feelings.

President Biden is highly stage-managed, and occasionally at appearances, individuals accompanying him awkwardly remind him of his cues.

Who Is Rich Lowry Wife Vanessa Palo? Their Kids

Rich Lowry’s wife, Vanessa Palo, and the writer has been living together as husband and wife, followed by their marital knot.

Vanessa and Rich exchanged marital vows in June 2011 at Manhattan’s Church of St. Vincent Ferrer.

Unfortunately, Rich Lowry’s wife has lived a secretive life, and she has not shared the limelight with her husband, Rich.

Many are curious to learn about Rich Lowry’s wife and their kids, but there is only a limited number of information on the internet.

Also, people are unaware of the total number of kids the author has and don’t know if Rich has become a father or not.

Rich Lowry wife
Rich Lowry pictured with his wife Vanessa Palo, Francesca Lana, and Robert Agostinelli. (Source: BFA )

In the future, Rich Lowry’s wife might get interviewed, and the author’s followers might get the required information.

Besides Rich Lowry’s wife, the writer has established himself as one of the most well-known political analysts of his generation because of his incisive remarks and insightful analysis.

Lowry contributes to several prestigious newspapers as a syndicated writer in addition to his work at National Review. He has written several popular books on political and social topics.

Rich has written both a syndicated column for King Features and an editorial piece for Politico.

The editor-in-chief often appears as a political pundit on numerous cable and network Sunday programs, such as NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC’s This Week, and FOX News Sunday.

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Rich Lowry Family Details

Rich Lowry was born to his dad Edward D. Lowry, a social worker, and his mother, an English professional, on August 22, 1968.

The editor spends his childhood in his hometown of Arlington, Virginia.

Following Rich’s graduation from Yorktown High School in Arlington, Lowry enrolled in the University of Virginia to pursue his interests in history and English. The author served as editor of the Virginia Advocate, a conservative monthly publication at the university.

After graduating, Lowry worked as Charles Krauthammer’s research assistant before becoming a reporter for a small-town newspaper in northern Virginia.

Rich Lowry
Rich Lowry is an American writer who is the former editor and now editor-in-chief of National Review. (Source: TheWrap)

Lowry joined the magazine in 1992 after finishing second in the National Review’s young writers competition.

The writer traveled to Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1994 and took up the role of articles editor for National Review while reporting on Congress.

At the age of 29, Lowry took over as editor of National Review in November 1997, succeeding John O’Sullivan, who had replaced Buckley in the same role eleven years earlier.

Rich released Lincoln Unbound, a political biography of Abraham Lincoln, in June 2013. Furthermore, the author released The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Strong, United, and Free in November 2019.

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