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Howard Charles, a classically trained actor born in London, England, had the privilege of pursuing his education at the prestigious Drama Centre London thanks to a coveted scholarship. Following his graduation, Howard embarked on a flourishing career in the arts, refining his acting skills and gracing some of England’s most renowned stages, including The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), The Royal Court, and London’s West End. He later transitioned into television and film, securing roles in popular series such as “The Musketeers,” “Shadow and Bone,” and “Top Boy.”

Howard Charles

Howard Charles Wife

Howard Charles is celebrated for his dynamic performances and his commitment to fully immersing himself in the characters he portrays, effectively conveying a wide array of emotions. As of the latest available information, Howard Charles is not married, and he is currently in a relationship with actress Yazzmin Newell. There is no public information regarding his previous relationships. Yazzmin Newell, also hailing from England, takes on the role of Sonda Crux in “Moonhaven,” an AMC+ drama centered around a utopian society. While Newell’s acting career is still burgeoning, her cinematic debut came in 2019 when she portrayed Dionne in “The Last Tree.”

Howard Charles

Her other acting credits include appearances in “Doctors,” “The Irregulars,” and “Maternal.” The couple is currently together, and there may be plans for them to marry in the future. At present, Howard Charles is dedicated to his work and has not been involved in any notable scandals, controversies, or rumors. The romantic history of Howard Charles has captured the curiosity of his devoted followers and fans. While the actor openly shares insights into his professional life, he tends to keep his personal life relatively private.

Yazzmin Newell

As both Howard and his girlfriend are involved in the entertainment industry, the precise details of their initial meeting and the commencement of their relationship remain undisclosed. Howard Charles embarked on his career at a young age, adding an air of mystery to their connection. Although the specifics of their first encounter and the duration of their relationship remain undisclosed, their interactions on social media showcase a strong and affectionate bond. Fans have poured their affection and support onto this couple as they progressively unveil their love story to the public. Evidently, as Howard’s career continues to soar, he places significant importance on his relationship with Yazzmin. Despite their preference for maintaining a low-key relationship, Howard and his girlfriend’s journey together constitutes a captivating aspect of his life, leaving admirers eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this talented actor and his partner.

At present, Howard and Yazzmin have not ventured into parenthood, as they are wholeheartedly focused on their respective careers. With Howard’s steady rise to the upper echelons of the entertainment industry, he is poised for even more remarkable achievements. Howard and his girlfriend continue to keep their romance discreet, keeping fans intrigued about what lies ahead for this outstanding actor and his companion.

Howard Charles was born on September 6, 1983, in London, England, United Kingdom, boasting a blend of Jamaican and English heritage. The British actor has opted to keep details about his parents, including their names and occupations, private. He is the only child, without any siblings. Howard attended a local English high school before furthering his education at Kingston College. Between 2002 and 2005, he successfully completed the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting) before pursuing a BA (Hons) in Acting for Stage and Media.

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