Who Was Flavio Hlabangwane Girlfriend Shepang Pitse?

The recent update has revealed that Flavio Hlabangwane has faced a Life sentence for the murder of Tshepang Pitse. Who was Flavio Hlabangwane Girlfriend, Shepang Pitse?

Flavio Hlabangwane is the murderer of his own wife/ partner, Tshepang Pitse. Further, the man was found guilty of deliberate murder, defeating the ends of justice. 

As per the sources, the woman discovered a dismembered body in the freezer at home in Soweto. The man also confessed to killing Pitse after they had a heated argument. 

Hlabangwane reportedly took such a huge step after he found Pitse unfaithful towards him. Similarly, the South Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg, had handed a 10-year sentence for defeating the ends of justice and more than 15 years for violating a corpse. 

Likewise, the sentence time will run together with the life term. The brutal murder case shocked the people, and the sources revealed that Pitse was buried without all body parts. 

Who Was Flavio Hlabangwane Girlfriend, Shepang Pitse?

Tshepang Pitse was a fourth-year medical student recognized as Falvio Hlabangwane’s girlfriend. The couple had been in a relationship for some time, and at the time of her cruel murder, they had already separated.

Many online sources, including Idol, have claimed that Pitse was his cousin and wife. Reportedly, a woman found a dismembered body in the freezer at home in Soweto.

Flavio Hlabangwane Girlfriend
Flavio Hlabangwane killed 23 years old Tshepang Pitse. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, she slept over after their first date and made the gruesome find while looking for something to cook. Later, Hlabangwane admitted to killing Pitse after having an altercation over the use of her bank card.

Hlabangwane also revealed that he planned to kill her after he learned she had cheated on him. At the time of her death, Pitse was just 23 years old.

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Shepang Pitse Death and Obituary

Flavio Halbangwane’s cousin-turned-lover Tshepang Pitse’s death news still makes headlines online. When her obituary was released, everyone, including her family, was shattered.

As said earlier, she was killed by her partner Flavio, and he was arrested in November 2021. His arrest came after body parts of Tshpeng were found inside a fridge at his home in Soweto.

The discovery was made by his then-new girlfriend, who cautioned neighbors and the police. Furthermore, Flavio pleaded guilty to planning the killing of Pitse after dismembering her body.

Flavio Hlabangwane
News24 tweeted about Flavio Hlabangwane’s sentence on their official Twitter page. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Tshepang was buried in 2022 without all her body parts. Initially, police thought that Tshepang’s murder was linked to a ritualistic murder until the gruesome discovery.

At the time, Hlabangwane married Tshepang to get his hands on her money. It is said that Flavio and Tshepang dated for three years since 2016, but the abuse began in 2019. Falvio still refused to talk about Pitse’s body parts. 

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Where Is Falvio Halbangwane Now?

As said earlier, Flavio Hlabangwane has been sentenced to a 10-year sentence for defeating the ends of justice and more than 15 years for disobeying a corpse. 

So, he is currently serving his punishment in jail. Hlabangwane himself confessed to killing his cousin-turned-lover, Tshepang. Flavirow was arrested in November 2021. 

Flavio Hlabangwane
Flavio Hlabangwane is currently serving his punishment in jail. (Source: News24)

Further details on Hlabangwane’s arrest case are yet to be updated as the sources have revealed his imprisonment. So, stay updated. 

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