Who was Jordan Chadwick? Former British soldier fighting in Ukraine found dead with hands tied

Jordan, a former British soldier, was discovered dead. Learn more about Jordan Chadwick’s age and Wikipedia profile by reading on. Jordan Chadwick was formerly in the military. After learning of his passing, he became the most talked-about subject online recently. Jordan’s body was also found in a Ukrainian body of water. His hands were bound behind his back after he entered the nation to engage in combat with Ukrainian forces, according to the sources. Similar to this, from 2011 to 2015, Jordan served four years in the Scots Guards. In October of last year, Jordan and his soldier flew to Ukraine to engage in combat. Jordan’s mother learned that Lancashire police had killed her son, Joe, eight months later. Later, the British government officials acknowledged his passing.

Jordan Chadwick

Who was Jordan Chadwick?

Between 2011 to 2015, Jordan Chadwick, a former soldier, served in the Scots Guards. Following Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, he joined the International Legion there. In an interview with the media, Joe’s mother expressed how devastated she was by her son’s passing. Jordan reportedly left the UK in early October 2022, per an online article. The loss was also felt by everyone who knew Jordan, and his mother told BBC that her son had always aspired to join a soldier. She added that Chadwick left the country and went to Ukraine because of his enthusiasm for defending freedom and using his skills to help others.

Jordan Chadwick, a former soldier, developed a penchant for military service at a young age. He performed this duty in the Scots Guards from 2011 to 2015. Everyone is aware of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Following Vladimir Putin’s illegitimate invasion, Chadwick also departed the country in October 2022 to join the International Legion in Ukraine. Chadwick was distraught when he was let go from the army in 2015, maybe for disciplinary grounds. He reportedly kept working at Catterick Garrison as a trainee steel erector and then, starting in 2016, in the sewage division of Rossendale council. Additionally, Chadwick’s name is widely circulated online following his tragic death.

Jordan Chadwick was 31 years old when he passed away. All of his family members remember him since he was close to them. Brenda Chadwick, his mother, said that she learned of her son’s passing on June 26, 2023. Jordan was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, and uncle according to her. Jordan was very much liked, according to Brenda in her interview with BBC. For your knowledge, Chadwick was discovered bound behind his back and dead in a body of water in Burnley, Lancashire.

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