Who Was Tara Browne Wife Noreen MacSherry? Meet Their Kids

Tara Browne wife, Noreen MacSherry, died in 2012 at the age of 69, leaving two kids, Junian and Dorian Browne. Here’s more about their life.

Tara Browne was an Irish socialite famous as the heir to the Guinness fortune. Sadly Brown passed away in 1966 in a car accident. 

His death even inspired a song by the Beatles named A Day in the Life. The band released their 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. 

Furthermore, Browne was a co-owner of the Kings Road boutique Dandie fashions. After his death, he left a £56,069 estate. 

Moreover, Browne was described as a man of independent means in his inquest. Meanwhile, he was also married to his wife, Noreen MacSherry, but she is also no more in this world.

Who Was Tara Browne Wife Noreen MacSherry?

Noreen MacSherry was the wife of Tara Browne. They were married from 1936 to 1966. Noreen was born Noreen Anne MacSherry in the autumn of 1941 near Yeovil, Somerset. 

Her parents raised her as the eldest of three kids. As a teenager, she ran away to London in search of a more exciting life. 

tara browne wife
Tara Browne and his wife, Noreen MacSherry, photographed together in a frame. ( Source: Irish Times )

After being sacked from her first job at the Bank of England, Noreen worked as an artist’s assistant, making canvases. 

Meanwhile, a mutual friend introduced Noreen to Tara in late 1962. During that time, Noreen was just 19 years old. They met at the Battersea funfair. 

When they married at the Islington registry office the following summer, Browne’s mom refused to attend the ceremony, telling friends that he had made an unsuitable choice of the bride in a commoner like Noreen.

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Meet Noreen MacSherry Kids Junian And Dorian Browne

Tara Brownee and Noreen MacSherry were together for some years, and while being married, they even welcomed two children named Junian and Dorian Browne.

Both of them have stayed away from the limelight, due to which there is significantly less info about their current status. 

tara browne kids
Tara Browne snapped in his home a few months before his death. ( Source: Meet The Beatles For Real )

Meanwhile, Noreen is also recognized for the 1967 court battle to keep her kids, in which she battled against the matriarch of the Guinness family, Oonagh, Lady Oranmore, and Browne.

Later, her spouse was killed in a car crash. So, the high court judge ordered the kids two live with their grandmother. So, it can be said that Noreen’s kids are now established in their own fields and are doing well in their professional lives.

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Where Is Noreen MacSherry Now?

Noreen MacSherry passed away in June 2012 at the age of 69 after a battle with Cancer. The news once made headlines on the internet.

Apart from that, her husband, Tara, died on December 18, 1966, at the age of 21, following a deadly car crash. Reportedly, he was under the influence of alcohol and other drugs at the time. 

tara browne crash
Tara Brown’s car after it crashed and killed him in 1966. ( Source: Meet The Beatles For Real )

Before Tara died, he and Noreen had purchased a 400-year-old whitewashed House in Marbella, Spain. After that, Noreen lived in a farmhouse in the mountain village of Benahavis. 

Noreen’s partner of 26 years, Robbie Oliver, also died in 2011, as per a report by the Independent

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