Woman Died After Horse Riding Incident

Heather Hewitt accident news is all over the internet as she was killed after an incident involving a horse in Co Galway on Thursday. Here’s what we know.

Heather Hewitt was a woman from Crowborough, East Sussex, England, who most recently lived in Knockanarra, Williamstown, Co Galway.

She was in her 40s and was recognized as one of the most important members of the Glenway Riding Club. Furthermore, Hewitt is currently in the people’s eyes following her death.

People are paying tribute to Hewitt following her tragic death, and many are asking questions about her death cause, including her personal life.

Before learning about her life, let’s find out what the accident was about.

Heather Hewitt Accident: How Did The Woman Die?

Heather Hewitt recently got into an accident that took her life away just at the age of 40s. She reportedly died in a horse-riding incident that happened at Glenamaddy in Co Galway.

Glenamaddy Equestrian Centre spokesperson reported that the accident occurred on Thursday when a riding club was using the center.

Heather Hewitt Accident
Heather Hewitt’s accident news is all over social media following her death. ( Source: Twitter )

It is understood that a tragic accident happened while a horse was being mounted. Hewitt was pronounced dead at the scene. Later, she was taken to Galway University Hospital, where a post-mortem examination was carried out.

Also, Emergency services attended the scene on Thursday. Likewise, an investigator from the Health and Safety Authority was also at the scene. Heather died from injuries, but the actual death cause has not been shared.

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Heather Hewitt Obituary: Tributes Floods On Social Media

When the death news of Heather Hewitt was shared, tributes began pouring on social media, and everyone was shocked by this devasting information.

The Association of Irish Riding Clubs for the West of Ireland also paid tribute to Hewitt and released a statement. Condolence for the family is also on social media.

Heather Hewitt Obituary
RIP.ieGalway also released Heather Hewit’s obituary. ( Source: Facebook )

According to the Irish Times, Hewitt’s funeral services will occur later in the UK. The family has also thanked everyone to those who helped following the incident.

Many clubs, including Tynagh Riding Club, supported the Hewitt family and shared their condolence message at this sad moment. We, the Genius Celebs team, also pay tribute to her.

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Heather Hewitt Husband: A Look At Her Family Life

Heather Hewitt was a family person. She was a married woman and was survived by her beloved husband, who goes by the name of Kieran Hewitt.

It is unknown when Hewitt began her relationship with Kieran, but on August 4, 2019, she revealed that she was in a relationship. So, it can be said that Heather and Kieran may have begun dating in the same year.

Heather Hewitt Husband
Heather Hewitt and her husband, Kieran Hewitt, looked happy when they tied the knot in 2021. ( Source: Facebook )

After being in a romantic affair for some time, Heather and her partner walked down the wedding aisle on November 26, 2021. The wedding ceremony was organized in the presence of their family and close ones.

Both of them even shared some moments from their marriage on Facebook. Furthermore, Hewitt was also survived by her daughter Beth. Her parents are Clive and Tracy, and she also has a sister named Andrea. 

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