The Top 3 Wheeled Tricycles To Consider for Presents, 2022

A bike is a great gift for any occasion, but it can be intimidating for those who aren’t confident in their cycling skills. Giving an adult tricycle bike instead is the perfect solution.

Benefits of Choosing an Adult Tricycle

Tricycles aren’t just for kids anymore. These new, fun bike alternatives are making a splash from bike trails to boardwalks. With their sturdy construction and ease of use, many more adults can enjoy a relaxing and healthy bike ride worry-free. 

Here are a few reasons to opt for a tricycle as a gift instead of a traditional bike:

  1. Trikes are more comfortable. Since there are three wheels in the back instead of two, the seat on a tricycle is broader and closer to a normal chair. You also don’t have to worry about adjusting your seat or weight to balance like you would on a two-wheeled bike. 
  1. Tricycles are a great choice for seniors. It can be hard to find exercise options for seniors with a low risk of injury. Tricycles are easier to mount and dismount, more stable, and they don’t need to maintain a minimum speed to stay upright. 
  1. Trikes can be more practical for a commuter. The broader back wheels allow for a much larger and sturdier basket than a rear rack on a two-wheeled bike. If someone you know uses their bike for grocery runs or errands, they can pack more onto a tricycle to save time and trips to the store.  

Picking out the perfect adult tricycle for a gift is as easy as riding a trike. There are even electric trikes for sale. Here are two of the most advanced and exciting options in adult tricycles for 2022. 

EVRYjourney Trike With Basket

The EVRYjourney trike is a great beginner tricycle option. Unlike sports or road bikes, the EVRYjourney is designed for ordinary and comfortable daily use at reasonable speeds over a wide variety of streets, paths and terrain.

This tricycle has a step-through frame, meaning you don’t have to lift your leg high to mount or dismount the bike. Broad and thick tires absorb more bumps than a standard bike’s tires for a smooth ride. The back of the tricycle features a large and sturdy basket that’s big enough to carry a small child or pet — Just be sure any passengers are well-behaved enough to stay in the basket!

Electric EVRYjourney Tricycle 750W with Passenger Seat

For more pedaling power, the EVRYjourney tricycle has an electric option as well. A motor kicks in while pedaling to increase speed and decrease effort. The motor can also take over pedaling entirely for shorter distances. The passenger seat over the back wheels makes this tricycle a fun option for parents taking children to school or anyone who wants an easier, healthier way to get around. 

Adult tricycles combine all the fun of riding a bike with extra comfort and little risk of falling over. This makes an electric hybrid tricycle for sale an exciting and useful gift option this holiday season. 

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